What is the most cost effective way to improve Search-Engine Optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Would also be interested in Web hosting and adding flash to our site…again, most cost effective.

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  1. ilan Says:

    As many backlinks as possible, PageRank (also known as PR) is mainly effected by the amount of other pages with a high PR backlinking you; also meta and keyword use is important. Creating sitemaps and submiting them to google and on your site allowing engine robots to crawl will drasicly increase your visability. Also know that newer domains are not as recognized as older ones, there is a period of time which your domain has to be active and updated and often crawled by search spiders.

    Good luck.

  2. Zoplax Says:

    One way would be to look for web templates which are already SEO optimized. Usually sites that have these available for download also provide you with tips on where to place your content so that the search engines can effectively access and analyze your site.

    As far as web hosting goes, there are still surprisingly many sites that offer free web hosting without restrictions on what ads you place on your sites (one such place is AwardSpace.com).

  3. Elisa R Says:

    Most cost effective way is do it yourself, submit your website to directories, web pages, etc or else you may hire a freelancer from websites like http://getafreelnacer.com/

  4. sonia s Says:

    Firstly Dont adopt cloaking and doorway kind of methods that people specially turn to specially when they have flash website


    to the header of the website and control the text size with css along with add a fotter to the website with having some text having your targted keyword within a sentence and hyperlink it to your domain.

    Make sure your H1 tag and title tag do have 80% similarity and have your targeted keyword in the begining (in both )

    Now search for website having similar content and have a good page rank between 3-6 ask them for three way link building

    In three way link building you will give them a link back from any of your website and they will link back to your actual site.

    Make sure you dont make the link building agreesivly for avioding penalization from Google.

    Also adopt more than 3-4 sets of link exchange code with random keywords and perform your link campaign for next 2-3 months you will see the difference

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