What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Does My Web Site Need to Show Up in Search Results?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

Please take a look at my Web site: http://www.shoesavings.net and let me know what I need to do to get it to show up in the search results. I plan to write a lot more articles in the future, but right now I am worried that I am missing something or I’m just doing something wrong. Thank you!

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  1. yourfab_girl Says:

    You should submit your site on such major Search Engines as Yahoo, MSN and Google.
    Here’s the link:
    http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html OR

  2. alexis Says:

    I wasn’t able to get into your website because it appears to be down for some reason. My question to you is how long have you had this website? What keywords are you targeting? You could be in the Sandbox, a holding period for new websites and lasts from a few months to several months. Without seeing your website, I can’t offer you any helpful SEO suggestions.

  3. memetrader Says:

    The main thing you are missing is inbound links http://www.seo-blog.com/inbound-links.php I could only see one and you are in a very competative sector. Similar sites will have hundreds (the top ones thousands) of inbound links. Start a link building campaign right away http://www.seo-blog.com/directory-links.php

  4. moshe4151 Says:

    Here is an article which summarizes the steps you need to take to rank well in the search engines: http://www.sembasics.com/sem-blog/the-seo-process

    The site contains other articles which explain in-depth how to do each of the steps outlined in the article (those tutorials can be reached here: http://www.sembasics.com/sem-blog/search-engine-optimization-tutorials

    Here is a brief outline of the article:

    There are 5 steps to ranking well in the search engines:

    1) Create a search engine friendly website (proper use of HTML code, good URLs, etc.)

    2) Good keyword research — find the words and phrases that your customers use to search for your products, organize those keywords according to popularity and competition.

    3) Create web pages each of which is focused around 1 – 2 keywords.

    4) Get high-quality links from related, high-quality sites which link directly to the appropriate web page.

    5) Track and analyze your optimization results so as to improve the effectiveness of your optiization campaign.

    Hope this is helpful!

  5. tournamentmasters Says:

    SEO takes a lot of time if you want to be listed in the top of the search engines. Sure, submitting your site gets you listed, but it doens’t do you any good if you’re on page 354 of 376 results pages. Inbound links will help with certain engines, as will proper use of keywords on your page.

    I personally purchased a 3 day course on SEO for my site and have benn able to increase my rankings in just over a month. I wasn’t sure about buying it but since the site offered me 3 times my money back if it didn’t work I figured it was worth a shot- and trust me – it is! There is a ton of SEO optimization information as well as information on ppc ads – with links for free credits worth more than 5 times the price of the course!

    I only paid $24.95 for it and it is the best $24.95 I’ve spent on any form of advertising for my site – I’ve listed the page in my sources and encourage you to check it out!

  6. beanstalkseo Says:

    Backlinks. Lots and lots of backlinks.

    And not just any old link but good, quality, related links.

    Personally I don’t obsess about PageRank but you will want to focus on relevancy. If your visitors would be interested in the other site it’s OK for a recip link exchange (I’m I’m not talking about long shots like, “people who wear shoes might play poker so it’s OK to link to a poker site” but thinking “people who are buying shoes online might buy other cloths online” is alright.

    Good luck !!!

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