Which are the most reliable and best performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies on the web?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I’m looking to outsource my SEO management. I get a dozen phone calls at my office every day from different companies trying to sell their marketing genious. I am looking for someone to tell me which companies are worth their price and which may not be.

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  1. Michael Says:

    u can search for BPO in India and u’ll find a perfect match

  2. Elusive Black Marlin Says:

    I would find one independent contractor that has the skill set to do it for you. SEO is hot talk right now and 90% of companies that offer the service are gouging at uninfromed consumers.

    There are 2 steps to SEO set up and maintenance. The set up will involve looking over your site, making sure that you have the right links, metatags, and page titles right, then maintenance is just keeping up on it.

    Costs will depend on your site but get a few bids and compare contracts to see what you are really getting.

    I have seen bids for anywhere from $5k per year up to $25k per year for a site with 100 pages or so that is already in the top 50,000 on the web according to alexa.



  3. internetmarketinghelp Says:

    Hi there,

    I have been the SEO industry for 10 years. First see how well their web site ranks, second ask for testimonials, third make sure they have been around for at least one year and lastly watch any promises they may make no one can guarantee you top rankings. Also ask make sure they don’t use spammy techniques that can get your site banned in the long run.

    Hope that helps!

  4. ezhil Says:

    You can find a list of SEO consultants recommended by Rand Fishkin here http://www.seomoz.org/articles/recommended.php But our SEO Firm http://www.uptrendhits.com/ is yet to be part of that list.

  5. BlogDawg Says:

    Our company has proven results and would love to participate. If you like, I am even willing to help you pick an SEO company that is not hours.


  6. virgin Says:

    Most of the seo companies hardly ever do the seo themselves. Most will outsource their work mostly to india and to some degree
    russia. If you want to bypass the big companies and get a better price i know of one of these seo’s that works behind the scenes. He has some very sound techniques for getting great rankings in google. Just give me a pm or email and i will pass his info to u

  7. freesluth Says:

    From personal experience and research I would say to definitely look into: http://www.autoprosurfing.com

    They have been in business for 6 years, are USA company and have many business references on file that you can call (if you so wish) of companies utilizing their service with great reults and they guarantee their service in writing. I would only assume that they would more than likey be happy to do the SEO for the companies you bring to them.

    While it is true that a SEO company can’t actually promise or guarantee your website a specific RANKING NUMBER (for example #1 position, #5 position, #8 position…etc) this company can and does GUARANTEE your website a 1st page TOP 10 ranking position on MSN, YAHOO and GOOGLE (generally will take them within 3 months to get you top 10 ranking on all 3).

    They will review your website carefully first, if they deem that they CAN’T get your particular site within the top rankings then they simply will not take you on as a client. If they do take you on as a client and they can’t fulfill their guarantee (hasn’t happened to me or other companies I have refered to them) then they simply would refund your monies.

    They have 3 packages they offer which are based on how many pages a clients website has. They have flate fee charging as follows:

    1st package (Website has up to 25 pages):
    $1,995 one time only start up fee & $595 monthly fee thereafter

    2nd package (Website has 26-50 pages):
    $2,995 one time only start up fee & $995 monthly fee thereafter

    3rd package (Website has above 50 pages):
    $3,995 one time only start up fee & $1,495 monthly fee thereafter

    Check them out and or email them:

  8. JstaTad Says:

    Well if your soliciting for business, our company is interested. Ask for a FREE search engine marketing assessment and we will give you a report.

    If you want to expand your keyword list and competitor list for the free assessment, send me an IM at jstatad and I can add those words and competitors to your free report.

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