Which is more effective, social media optimization or search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

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  1. Brendan Gibb Says:

    Social media optimization focuses on driving unique traffic for your site. Activities includes social media connections, video and photo sharing and other forms of viral marketing. While search engine optimisation focuses mainly on search engine visibility and rankings, and linkbuilding strategies.

  2. Econeve Design Agency Says:

    Combining both is great but SEO should always be a focal point if you are looking to drive natural traffic to your website (through search engines).

    This tends to mean having your site accessible by anyone, anywhere and at any time through a platform which internet users greatly use over other sources as a means for finding information, services or products; search engines.

  3. Tsvetanka Petrova Says:

    You really need both. What I would suggest though is start with the social media optimization – because this is a very fast way to have your target market invited to visit your web site. And a very fast way to find clients. Search engine optimization is the long run goal – where your target clients get to find you without you looking for them.

    In both techniques: what you look for is targeted traffic.
    Here’s a free video training on how to profit from social media: http://bit.ly/dxdDHC

  4. Svetislav Says:

    optimization for social media is part of SEO, so there is no particular answer to your question. You can use social media for driving traffic to your page. As many people see the link it`s more likely that they will click and visit.

  5. sosthenes b Says:

    It depends on the terms you’re referring to but using both forms of marketing is essential. Social media optimization helps you generate more leads by engaging with your community. It has various benefits; relationship management, viral marketing, lead generation, etc. So if you mean any of these, then social media will be your sure bet.

    Search engine optimization mostly focuses on optimizing your website for search traffic. Its prime focus is to get high volumes of traffic for specific keywords. That’s its limitation. Social media optimization doesn’t necessarily need keywords to get your message spread all over the internet.

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