Why do web owners needs Search Engine Optimization services at all?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I want to know about SEO because i need SEO services for my web site http://www.webmarketingroadmap.com

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  1. tweetster Says:

    You want to utilize an SEO service to make sure you follow Google’s guidlines, and ensure your highest position possible in the search results, because there’re certain things that google and other search engines won’t tolerate and will rank your site lower.

    You’re goal is to be on the higher ranking search page, because very little people will go beyond the first few pages of search results.

  2. Neha Says:

    SEO is essential for your site so as your site being on 1st page of Google search engines that means a lot of extra traffic to your website which should convert your business with extra sales and revenue.

  3. raysor Says:

    Unless you do it yourself then you need someone else’s services.Initially SEO is fairly common sense: you are trying to pleas (not fool) Google et al.
    Good , compliant coding, good content, good design/navigation and time. Get all the basic SEO done first (don’t get too complicated. See the results after a few months then continue to tweek. (the results will get less and less and be harder to define.)
    Ignore that advice just looked at your website!!!

  4. Luke123 Says:

    If you want to increase your site popularity and visibility you must hire a good SEO Services.

    Web owners always wants to increase their site popularity and visibility hence they are using Search Engine Optimization services. SEO is best way to increase website quality traffic and increase visitor.

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