Why search engine optimization?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

I have a site and i want to develop it.Why Search Engine Optimization is much better?

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  1. AllThatBlog.com Says:

    Search engine optimization is important, but not the most important. For example- the purpose of SEO is to get your website at the top of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) But in reality, not everyone can get their website to be #1 or in the top 10 or 20 because there are WAY too many websites out there for competition. And even if you are in the top ten in the search engine, does not always mean that you are going to get great traffic. The catagory for search has to be popular or most sought after. For example- my website- http://allthatblog.com -is currently #5 in the search engine under the category “christian glitter graphics” in the Google search engine. So if you type in “christian glitter graphics” in the Google search engine, you will currently see that I am #5, but guess what- I have very little traffic. Why? Because “christian glitter graphics” may not be a very popular subject. Now if you typed in real estate into the Google search and whoever’s website is #1 under that category, then I’m sure they get boodles of traffic everyday because real estate is a popular catagory.

    So your best bet is to learn how to link exchange. If you type “link exchanging” into a search engine it will explain to you what it is. A recommended website for link exchanging is http://linkpartners.com.

    A great website for advertising and receiving free traffic is http://www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl?oldrefid=170270.

  2. craig l Says:

    This is the strategy employed to make your site rank naturally with search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The strategy often is make sure your site has well positioned keyword on heading that you wish to rank for. Also content is considered king which means you need to employ lots of articles to increase your ranking for search terms which you should write about in yahoo.
    Before implementing a keyword strategy go look at a site such as keyword discovery to find out what terms people use in search for a product or service that you may offer.

    There are also several other compent which include your metatags need to have these keywords in them. All picture and logos also need to have text boxes in them so Google and Yahoo search spider can crawl them as well as the rest of your site.

    You need to have heading and sub heading in your site. Youe site needs to be well laid out to get the spiders to crawl. Watch out for broken links in your site as well.

    The next strategy is to also have relevant site link to your site. Deep links into your site is best. The more relevant these site are the better that Google will recognize your importance to these keywords.
    You also need to have good quality intermal links as well.

    You may use yahoo site explorer to see how you are doing in these areas.

    Still there is more to it but thats a start.

    Best thing about organic search is after you have done the work you will not have any large monthly bill such as on paid search. ith that being said to be effective you will still ahve to put some time in your site monthly to keep fresh content. Good Luck

    This is a site that is dedicated to fully answering that question

    Here is another site by one of the highest paid guy in the industry that specializes in this optimization practices with fortune 500 companies http://clickfire.com

  3. SEO Web Designs Says:

    SEO is the best and cheapest way to get traffic to your site. You should follow the search engines guidelines ( Google, Yahoo and MSN ) in regards to your meta tags,descriptions and long tail keywords.

    Also SEO beats pay-per-click because you do not have to pay every time a visitor comes to your site.

    I would advice you to use CSS so it would make it more easier to optimize numerous pages at once.

    Best regards ,

    – Daniel Chege

    Poppa Productions Web Designs

  4. jiggen Says:

    SEO is the most effective way to reach the maximum goal as a good site in the world of internet. seo means bringing popularity to your site and better impact for your costumers. site with high page ranks top the the search of your keywords and the site will become the first choice of your niche or market.

  5. SEOGuy Says:

    Search Engine Optimization in and of itself IS NOT “better” than other options. Further it is easy to reach the first pages of Google if you follow a simple formula.

    Search Engine Optimization has the following problems.
    * It can take 30 – 90 days to reach the top of the search engines.
    * Keyword metatags just don’t mea what they used to.
    * There are, in some cases, millions of other people attempting to target your specific keyword.

    Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is an old and out-dated way of gaining a huge following from the Internet. Don’t get me wrong though. Every page you build should indeed be SEO’d, but this is secondary to what works really well.

    Such things as…
    * Article marketing
    * Social Networking
    * Social Bookmarking

    Those are what you want to spend the bulk of your time and attention on with a focus on article marketing using the bum marketing method. What is bum marketing? It’s the exact forumla I was speaking of at the beginning of this post.

    I’m giving away this audio file on bum marketing so that you can learn more about this concept.
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    I’d be glad to be of further assistance. Just post your question here…
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    Internet Marketing advice for the rest of us.

  6. Madrid Says:

    Because Search engine optimization is the major and better way of promoting u r site and to develop its traffic.
    In Search engine optimization they go for different tactics to develop u r website and optimize them in a standard method

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