Why Search Engine Optimization is interesting as well as very challenging job for SEO Developers?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

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  1. Kajal Says:

    People who take care of the SEO part of a website are also called SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimizers. The visibility of a website on the search list is entirely their responsibility. They not only help in improving the ranking of a website in the search list but also put their best efforts to help it retain its position. Retaining its position for a long time is very difficult for a website as people across the world are launching new websites everyday. The SEO persons closely observe the trend of searching that people are following. They take note of the kinds of information that most people are searching for and the common types of keywords that they are using. Accordingly, the SEO persons edit the contents of a website.I think http://www.matrixseogroup.com is best for Search Engine Optimization.

  2. christian_seo Says:

    SEO or search engine optimization is really very simple in it’s basic form. It’s just putting on a site what people are looking for. The search engines find and index it and then show your site to people when they search for the same thing.

    Many SEO developers make things too complicated and in many cases waste time, energy, and money (the client’s money) on things that provide very little benefit, or provides benefit that does not last long at all.

    What happens is that many companies that provide SEO services find they cannot make it work for themselves and so they turn to other methods like sending spam emails or posting fake questions on sites like yahoo Answers and then have a friend post an answer, when their goal is just to post a link so they can try to get more customers.

    They don’t realize that if they REALLY knew how to do SEO, that they would be able to use SEO to promote their web site and get customers. If they can do the same thing for their customers that they do for themselves, they would not need to send SPAM and make fake posts on forums and Yahoo Answers.

    If you want to find a good SEO service provider, do some searches in Google or Yahoo, or talk to someone that has used a company and had a good experience. There are many, many SEO providers out there and you often cannot trust links that people post, since they may be just advertising their own company. Be careful or you will dislike SEO as many people do.

  3. aksavarna Says:

    Plain & Simple:

    I enjoy it as it gives me the opportunity to learn, explore, communicate and innovate.

    It becomes challenging when my boss asks me to show results. Jokes apart,it is challenging coz there are 10-thousands sites in each topic and you have to come in the top 20 to be noticed.


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