Will linking several websites to each other give me better Search Engine Optimization results?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by SEOman from Seattle

My business has 4 separate websites. If I linked all of these sites together would I get better SEO results? If I linked every page on every site to every page on the other sites, would this help also? Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. monfiserv Says:

    If they have all different unique content and if the content from the other sites is useful/related and interesting for visitors of one site yes it can help. But if the only relationship between them is the same owner (you), I would not recommend it. It will help little if any and you may risk a penalization instead of a better result.

    From my practice with a customer who has a yacht charter business and four websites about yacht charter, but all focused on a different area, (Florida, BVI, Caribbean, Mediterranean) it helped a bit and of cause it’s useful for visitors. But if you think to link a real estate page to a kittens page and maybe the third one is about vacations in Europe, I would not do it.

  2. Justin Says:

    Yes it will as long as you don’t make them reciprocal links meaning site A linked to site B and B to A. Reciprocal links are considered by search engines as simply advertising each other. The reason why search engines value links with their ranking is because of the quality of the site. If your site has single links to a number of other sites then search engines would think that your site has valuable information and so they will put it to their top pages.

    Make your websites linked 3 or 4 ways: A to B; B to C; C to D; D to A. The search engines will see these links as single links and will count them as quality links. There’s a technology that does this, it’s called 3WayLinks and I heard that it’s effective. You might want to check out this review http://3waylinks.wordpress.com/3waylinks-a-scam/

  3. mikebogo0 Says:

    You don’t want to link all your pages to every other page. That’s just going to be a nightmarish mess that won’t help.

    Consider what you want your primary site to be and focus on getting rank on that one – it’s better to have one highly ranked site than 4 mid-ranked sites.

    Then link the three others to the main site. Intersperse links to the homepage and deep links (links to pages within the main site). Make sure the link text uses appropriate keywords.

    From the main site, don’t do any linking to the home-page of the others – only do deep links from individual pages, if anything.

  4. Journey Says:

    If you will link all of those sites together, then Google and other search engines might consider that as not natural linking… Google has degraded the value of reciprocal links because they may consider this as advertising.. If I were you, it will give better results if you don’t link all of them with each other. Just only provide one-way links to any of your sites because this is more natural in the eyes of Search Engines.

    BTW, if those 4 websites have same niches, then providing them with one-way links will give your site better rankings in search results.

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